Jason Fetko

Jason Fetko, grew up along the coastline of Florida, and it is there that he began his love affair with the ocean. Drawing inspiration from his own surfing trips and from the captivating vistas of the Florida beaches, he began to create dramatic sealife art. He now calls Atlanta, Georgia “home” and, since moving, has continued to create paintings capturing unique characteristics of sealife and their habitat. Jason travels around the world to capture exciting images, but his main painting focus continues to be on North American wildlife and sealife.

Artist’s Statement

Originally from Hialeah, Florida, I have been creating art since my early childhood. I currently work with gouache, watercolors and acrylics. The choice of which medium I used is based on my vision for each painting. While I started painting with oils, and worked with acrylics for a long time, I now use gouache and watercolors mainly. The gouache allows me the flexibility to paint layers quickly with great covering power without having to wait for the paint to dry like oils do.

Artist’s Biography

Jason was born in Hialeah, Florida and grew up along the Space Coast. When he was very young his parents noticed his affection for art. So at the age of 9 they put him in an oil painting class. It was there that he got his first lessons in painting. At the age of 12 he saw an airbrush artist in the Florida panhandle and it fascinated him. A couple of years later he asked his father to buy him an airbrush set for his 15th birthday. He got that set and started painting right away. He earned airbrush lessons from the middle school art teacher’s sister by doing yard work and small chores.  Later he got to learn from some great airbrush artists like Jurek, Joe Rivera, Terry Hill, Michael Cacy and many others at seminars and workshops.

Artist’s Inspiration

Jason is inspired by the beauty of nature and the Master’s handiwork of creation. “My goal is to capture the full detail and beauty of God’s creation as best I can. I strive for photo realism in my paintings, because I believe this is the hardest thing to do and achieve as a painter.”